LED grow light bulbs

LED grow light bulbs are becoming more popular, and I expect their popularity will soar as they are used in more grow light applications. Plants crave close penetrating light, and LED light bulbs can provide that with low temperatures, low energy usage, and direct lighting. I’m mostly familiar with compact fluorescent light bulbs in gardening and growing plants, but I can see merit in using LED grow lights.

It’s not exactly feasible for the average consumer to stock up on LED light bulbs yet, but in time the prices will come down. When that happens I expect there will be many gardeners utilizing LED grow lights in their gardens. Their plants will love it, as LED light bulbs can be engineered to precise specifications that will help plants grow. The light that comes out of a tiny LED bulb should be enough for most any plant to thrive. It may be difficult to position them perfectly however, due to their narrow lane of light.

Positioning them properly includes making certain that the narrow light spread is optimally placed to help the plants grow. Each plant much be saturated in penetrating light, because you don’t want just the outside of the plant to receive the light. If that happens, your plants will be strong on the outside, but weak on the inside, which makes them susceptible to diseases and insects. Placed properly, LED light bulbs will provide the penetration you need to grow plants well.

LED light bulbs will also help with garden design. Plants can be all over the place but with the size of LED grow lights you don’t have to worry about cumbersome fixtures. The tiny LED light bulbs are extremely efficient in their illumination. Designing gardens with LED light bulbs in mind is a great thing we can look forward LED grow light in the future.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are still my favorite for gardens and planting, but LED grow lights will probably make their way in at some point.

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