How to Grow Orchids in a Hothouse

Orchids are beautiful flowers with delicate blooms that can take years to develop and grow. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles and temperaments. Some prefer cooler climates, while others need hot, tropical weather. If you have a hothouse or greenhouse set up, then you have a perfect place to try your hand at growing hothouse orchids no matter where you live


    • Set up a humidity machine to incorporate more water into the air if you live in a dry area of the country. Hothouses maintain a certain amount of humidity by being an enclosed space with lots of plants and heat, however, if you live in a desert environment, just opening the door will take away a good portion of your humidity levels. You want to maintain a humidity level of between 60 to 70 percent.

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      Install space heaters that are functional in damp conditions, if you live in an area that gets too cold at night, such as the northern states. Although some orchids do fine with a slight drop in temperature in the evenings, hothouse orchids need to generally maintain a warm temperature in the evenings, one that stays above 65 degrees.

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      Plant orchids in a pot with rich, well-draining soil so that the top of the roots are at surface level. Press the soil in lightly to secure it.

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      Water orchids daily until they reach a height of 3 inches. Water to dampen the soil, but do not over-water. The soil should feel damp to the touch and will depress when you push in with your finger and bounce back when you remove it. If a pool of water forms, then you have over-watered.

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      Water older orchids as needed, and depending on the type. Check with your local nursery. There are many orchids, some of which prefer a full soak and then dry out between waterings, while others like constant dampness.

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      Vent the hothouse occasionally. Orchids need air, but if you live in a dry area, this can take away all of your moisture. Experiment with timing of vent openings to maintain the proper humidity.

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      Give plant food once a week. Look at package directions for the amount to be mixed with water, then half the quantity to weaken the mix. Orchids need nutrients, but not in concentrations that are too high.

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