Hydroponic Lighting and Grow Light Systems

Since most hydroponic gardens are indoors, they require artificial light which mimics the light of the sun for plants to be able to grow. Incandescent bulbs and light do not produce the right kind of light plants need to grow and flourish. The hydroponic garden requires full spectrum grow lights that imitate sunlight. Different hydroponic gardens will need specific lighting.

There is a wide variety of hydroponic lights available in the market and some better suited for some plants than others. Blue spectrum of light is best for hydroponic vegetables. Red orange light is best for hydroponic flowering plants and it can be gotten from led grow light.

The best type of hydroponic grow lights are those of blue spectrum, as it helps combat leggy nature of plants (as they train for light). The wattage selected depends on how big your garden is and reflectors can be used to supplement the lighting. These reflectors can be found in a hydroponic kit.

The best combination of lights for your hydroponic garden is that of blue and red orange light as it will keep plants compact and flowering. You can get a led grow lights that has both metal halide and the high pressure sodium bulb in the same lamp therefore no need of getting two lamps.

You can also purchase full spectrum light which has all the characteristics of natural sunlight. Fluorescent light is well suited for this purpose and it is usually used for growing seedlings but it can also grow the plants to full maturity. It is a simple and easy way of ensuring your hydroponic garden is well lit.

In the UK over half a million people actively use the hydroponic system of gardening. Taking advantage of this technology means anyone can produce plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs in their own home. It’s not only productive but sustainable, and for many people it’s a great pass-time or hobby. Buying hydroponic equipment has never been easier, with plenty of supplier to be found online with quick delivery across the country.

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