Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics is and advanced cultivation method where variety of plants are grown with the help of water only. Water contains all the minerals and nutrients needed for a plants growth and hydroponics helps to serve those minerals and nutrients to the plants in a uniform manner. Even though looks very advanced, it dates back to the hanging garden of Babylon’s where hydroponics method was used to grow the plants. The research world is also thrilled about the application of hydroponics cultivation, NASA testing several types of hydroponic methods in their lab shows the importance of this cultivation method and the role it is going to play in the future of plant cultivation.

Hydroponics is becoming more popular because of the reasons below.

Creating a hydroponic infra structure is not that costly anymore. All one needs is a hydroponic tent and few hydroponic lights with the knowledge of the minerals and nutrient combination in the water to supplied to the plants.

Hydroponics method can be followed literally in any part of the world (erecting the hydroponic tents and installing the lights can be done literally within hours) as there is no need of soil to grow the plants.

Yield by the plants are comparatively higher to the traditional methods and the yield happens faster than the traditional methods.

One needs to do very less manual labor to grow the plants while traditional method needs lots of manual labor.

Problems like soil erosion are non existent.

Farmers have better control over the growth of plants as they know the exact nutrients and minerals being supplied to them.

The density of planting can be very high when compared to normal methods as water is available all year around.

Transplanting shock for the seedlings is highly reduced as the seedlings are grown in blocks that can be easily transferred to the main cultivation area without a hitch.

A decade back, one of the big disadvantages of hydroponics cultivation method is that it needed lot of initial investment. Now, with vast technological advancements, the materials needed for making grow tents and hydroponic led lights are much cheaper, thanks to globalization and quick shipping methods of our present decade.

However, one needs to have high knowledge about the nutrients, minerals, types of plants and much more to master the hydroponics method. Hydroponics is more a science than just a mere cultivation method. However, pioneers of hydroponic cultivation are now coming up with lots of help articles and useful guide books that is very easy to follow. With internet spreading it wings throughout the world, hydroponic farmers are able to discuss their issues and get help on a daily basis, which makes their life much easier than before, the availability of lots of mobile applications and mobile internet is also proving to be a big plus as it helps the hydroponic farmers to keep track of their plants even on the move.With soil becoming unfit for cultivation in many parts of world due to excess amounts of fertilizer usage, people in remote parts of the world are seriously considering hydroponics as a viable alternative to cultivate plants throughout the year.

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