LED Grow Lights is better than HID

A friend thinks that promotes plants to grow with HID of 600 Watt, he wants to know my opinion, if it was several years ago, perhaps I agreed. But now, there are a new kind of grow lights can instead of HID, its name is: LED Grow Lights.

So I give the friend write copies of EMAIL, content is as follows:

My friend, few people use HID as grow lights now, the reason is HID grow lights have lines linear in table,it is can’t getting finer very last spectrum to match jointly as plant light. The one that can be absorbed by the plant is only the light of few wave bands, the light of other wave bands is wasted, It will waste energy. And HID will send out a large amount of heat work, if it too close from plant, apt to burn out plant, if it is too far away, the illumination is unsatisfactory.

Usually we use LED Grow Lights now: the mere environment is one of the important physical environmental factors that the plant grows indispensable, adjust through mere quality, control the plant shape to be built up to be an important technology of facility culture fields.

It is mainly red light and blue and smooth that the light spectrum influences the plant photosynthesis directly, red light mainly concentrates on 630~660nm, its function is to help plants to yield positive results, blue light mainly concentrates on 430~470nm, its function is to help the long stem of plants to grow the leaf.

LED plant grows the light has the following characteristics:
1,Any time in one day can strengthen the illumination, in order to help plants to carry on the photosynthesis all the time, extension and controlling the illumination that plants needs, the influence not changed by any environment scientifically that can be effective.
2,In the greenhouse or plant laboratory, can totally substitute the natural light, to promote plants to grow. To most growers, LED plant light substitutes the best light source of sunshine. Because the complete foundation plant of its spectrum grows the necessary spectrum is designed, and have high light and overlengthy service life,etc. characteristics.

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