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There has been a lot of press and hum lately about the new LED grow lights available from a number of manufacturers all over the world and web dealers. They have been promoted as the next generation of lighting for indoor hydroponics application. And perhaps one day they’ll be, but today is not that day. NASA is presently developing LED lights to be used on the space station. Because they use very little electricity they can be run off of batteries for long periods of time, so that food can be grown in space. Disney is using hydroponics with normal lighting to grow fresh goods to be used in their Florida theme parks. So development of hydroponic systems and LED applications is unquestionably on the way.

There are several benefits and downsides of using a LED grow lights. First we will rap about the advantages of using LED grow lights. To start with LED grow lights can last approximately from eight to ten years. A normal high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp will need to be replaced about once each year to once each year and a half. However against this LED lights can regularly last for at least 8 to 10 years with heavy use. LED lights use of little electricity and generate very little heat.

The problem with conventional high pressure sodium and metal halides lamps is they admit lots of spectrums that your plants simply do not need. For instance your plants really just need the red and the blue spectrum for the respective vegetative and flowering stage. You really have no need for lights in the other spectrums as it doesn’t do much to reinforce your plants rate of grow. One of the nice things about LED lights is that you can give your plants only the colors they need and not ones they do not. That’s why you’ll see most led lighting systems consisting primarily of red and blue lights. They’re able to save on electricity by only putting out high quantities of the bandwidth or correct range plants need for that stage of expansion.

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