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Tank maintenance is an important factor which decides the type of fish and type of tank. A smaller tank is always easy to maintain when compared to a bigger one. The smallest aquarium fish tanks available in the market are the fish bowls which are usually used to keep gold fish. One needs to commit few hours every week to clean the tank and maintain healthy living conditions of the fish. One need not use aquarium fish tanks only for keeping fish; they can also be used to keep fresh water turtles. It is always advisable to have a separate tank for turtles as they tend to eat away the fish over a period time.

This article is a beginner’s guide to maintaining aquarium fish tanks. A 12 gallon cube tank promises adequate space for the movement of small fresh water fish. One needs a bigger capacity tank for bigger fish. Usually the cube tanks available in the market come with a cabinet. Once the fish tanks for beginners are decided, there are lists of accessories which need to be fitted or kept in the tank.

The fish tanks for beginners needs to be filled with fresh and clean water. Underground water preferably from a well is ideal. Before filling the water, one needs to fit in a wide range of accessories. Firstly the bed of the tank needs to be filled with colorful stones and pebbles. These stones add color to the tank. These stones also help in filtration of the water. Fishes have to poop in the tank, the poop settles down in between the stones and pebbles. If the tank is devoid of stones and pebbles, then there is a good chance the poop will mix with the fish feed and lead to bacterial infections.

The next step is to fill the fish tanks for beginners with submersible aquatic plants. An alternative is to invest in soft plastic plants. Such plants are vital for the growth of the fish. Fishes usually have a habit of hiding their eggs in between the leaves of the real or plastic plants. The next step is to buy a good filtration unit. Since the water is not free flowing, it needs to be constantly circulated to avoid bacterial formation. One can also add chemically activated carbon bags to kill the harmful bacteria in the tank. Automatically cut off heaters and led lighting systems are also very important for the survival of fish especially tropical ones.

One must always purchase such accessories from a reputed fish store. Fishes are very delicate creatures and need careful handling. Any fault in the accessories can endanger their life. There are reputed fish stores online which sell a number of accessories for fish tanks for beginners. Apart from aquarium fish tanks and related accessories, one can also buy complete fish tanks salt water fish stores online. Research will help in finding the best online store. It is always advisable to go by other’s recommendations. Blogs and discussion forums are good places to get recommendations on online fish stores. One can also find tank maintenance tips in blogs and discussion forums.

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