LED grow light for growing plants indoors

The technology in grow lights is changing as even HID ballasts are even going digital and LED grow lights are gaining a lot more attention from the indoor grower. Why is this? because of the recent advancements with LED lighting they are now brighter,longer lasting and a lot cheaper than they used to be.

LED lighting allows you to place the light much closer to your canopy as they do not produce any where near as much heat off the lamp as HID grow lighting. Now dont think you can get away with out using a fan and filter  as heat is still produced and could affect your end results if sufficient extraction is not in place

As with hid lighting there are different colours in LED lighting that should be used at the right stages of your plants growth cycle. more blue should be used  when your plants are in their growth cycle and red, orange in the flowering cycle.

Early LED grow lights used hundreds of fractional-watt LEDs and these were often not bright enough or efficient enough to even begin to be thought as effective replacements for HID lights.  Now the newer LED grow lights on the market use high-brightness multiple-watt LEDs that are increasing the power consumption resulting in increased effectiveness of the technology   leading to similar growing results to HID lights.

LED still cost more to buy than HID lighting but do cost that bit less when it comes to the running of the light. With that bit of money saving over the life time of the light makes them a sound choice that is why more and more people are giving LED lighting a chance to bring down running costs without  losing quality or yields, using LED grow lights could be what we all end up using to grow indoors as the technology gets even better.

LEDs for me look pretty good when they are on because of all the nice brightly coloured lights but most of the people i have spoken to that have used them never said  that they were getting the same quality or similar yields to that of HID grow lights. I would stop using  my trusty HID lighting. Read more: growledlight.co.uk

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Selecting the Right LED Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

Which LED Grow Lights Are Right For My Indoor Plants?

LED refers to light emitting diodes, and they are the latest type of light bulb to make an impact on all types of lighting today. With regard to using LED lamps and LED grow lights with plants, there are many reasons why they are beneficial. They are small and lightweight, yet produce an amazing amount of light that is specifically usable by plants for photosynthesis. They run cool, eliminating the need for expensive cooling equipment, and they run on much less electricity than traditional HID, HPS grow lights or MH lights. This is why many gardeners are selecting LED grow lights, but knowing a bit about how the lights work will help you in selecting the correct LED bulbs for your indoor garden.

Plants need light from different parts of the light spectrum in terms of color temperature in order to grow well and thrive. Young seedlings need light that will help them to grow into sturdy, mature plants, and that type of light is blue spectrum. Once mature, plants can be induced to produce flowers and fruits by growing them under red and orange spectrum lights.

Knowing this, you can be quite selective in terms of the LED lamps that you choose. Many traditional bulbs offer only one part of the light spectrum, and if it is the wrong part of the spectrum for what your plants require, the plants will not thrive in an indoor setting. This can be alleviated with the use of LED bulbs.

There are red LED bulbs available. They produce a great deal of light, yet run on only one watt of electricity.

Green LED bulbs are useful in certain specific applications. Plants require a certain amount of darkness each day, in addition to light. Plants cannot make use of green light, but if you have work to do with your plants, by putting green LED lamps into ordinary light sockets, you can easily see to do what you need to without adding extra light that would disturb the plants period of needed darkness. Certain LED lamps are used in LED lighting units for a variety of purposes. Tiny one-watt LED bulbs can be selected according to the light spectrum they emit, and thus you can get a lighting unit that only offers light that plants can use.

The LED bulbs are also directional, and can be positioned in order to shine straight down, thus giving your plants the benefit. This is not possible with traditional bulbs, which rely on reflectors to direct the light.

By knowing all of these ideas, indoor gardeners can select the best LED Grow lamps that will suit their plants and their gardening purposes well.

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Guide In Choosing The Best LED Grow Lights

Today, the use of LED lights has become more in-demand. They can offer the best deals that can help people save on bills especially electric bills. This type of lighting has been used by different industries for its versatility.

These days, most maker of the type of lighting sees it because of its features, but the venture like horticulture takes credit for it because of its spectrums. With that being said, LED grow lights have become more popular with the business. The use of broad range of spectrums can offer the best results.

LED horticulture lights are likewise included in the most important factors that you need to know. If you grow plants, you need to know the best ways to raise it properly. With the proper spectrums, you will have the chance to grow the healthiest plants faster than any other types that can be found in the market nowadays. You should take advantage of the best provider if you will purchase LED grow lights to get rid of troubles.

Choose The Best Company That Can Help You

These days, there are manufacturers that offer the best deals in choosing the best products. However, only a bunch of these companies can provide great services. It is impossible to easily find the best LED lights deals online. There are companies that will offer their products at a very expensive price range. Nonetheless, they will not offer the guarantee that they can help raise plants successfully. It is a must to go to the best websites in order to help you find the best grow lights.

Why You Should Get The Best Grow Lights Company

There are lots of problems you might face if you fail to know the best companies that can offer amazing deals. You have to know that the things you are searching for should be considered to get rid of any problems. LED plant grow lights coming from excellent services are excellent. Backed with research and studies, they can provide the best quality services regarding grow light products.

Another great thing about it is that they can provide great help for indoor gardens. Even without any presence of sunlight, using the best grow lights can provide help. Similarly, looking for LED aquarium lights can provide great help when it comes to your preference. It is really a must to know the best LED lighting coming from the best website to get great deals. Once you have known the best websites, you will get the chance to have warranties when it comes to their products.

Overall, choosing the best company that can offer the best LED grow lights is a priority. If you need to get the best deals in raising indoor plants without any troubles, you have to get great lighting with the best spectrum. You will never go wrong once you have obtained the most excellent service. — www.growledlight.co.uk

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Grow Lights For Indoor Plants And Hydroponic Gardens

Indoor Grow Lights are a necessity when it comes to indoor gardening. You can enjoy a hearty and bountiful garden indoors year round. All you have to do is make your plants think they are outdoors and the plants will act as if they are growing outdoors.

The correct grow lights will allow you to provide the proper intensity and hue that nature provides and the plants need in order to grow. Indoor vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, and herbs can all be cultivated from from seed to bud indoors with a bit of an understanding of plant lighting.

3 Types Of Plant Grow Lights – HID (High Intensity Discharge), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Metal Halide (MH) Fluorescent, and LED Grow lights (Light Emitting Diode)

Metal Halide grow lights are in the category called HID (High Intensity Discharge) and gives off a hue that is in the blue spectrum. It’s the most effective color for plants in their early stages of root growth. Metal Halide mimics the light that the sun in our atmosphere gives off in the spring time. Metal Halide bulbs have an effective life of about 12,000 hours of burn time.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) is also a type of HID that is very popular for growing indoor plants. HPS lights give off light color that is in the red-orange spectrum and great for flowering plants. The red spectrum that an HPS bulbs emits, mimics the atmosphere color at end of summer when the days get shorter and the sun sits lower in the sky giving off a red hue forcing plants to put all their energy into flower production.  It is common for growers to use both metal halide and high pressure sodium set-ups in their grow room. When using only one light, you would typically choose the HPS as your all purpose grow light.

Fluorescent Grow Lights is a low cost plant lighting option. They have superior energy efficiency and a low purchase price for the amount of light they give off. Although these are weaker lights than all the other lights mentioned here, they are great for smaller plants and seedlings in their early stages of life.  Fluorescent light bulbs come in different hues. The “cool white” bulbs or sometimes called “daylight ” give off a more blue spectrum of light. These are better for plants seedlings and the early stages of growth. The “warm white” bulbs give off a more red-orange color of light. These two different light colors are achieved by the different types of coatings that are used inside the bulb. It is wise to use both types of bulbs at the same time, or a full spectrum bulb to cover the entire spectrum of the usable light that indoor plants require. The most common fluorescent light is the 4-foot fluorescent light which are found in many offices and schools. Another popular type of fluorescent bulb is the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb which are sold as energy saver bulbs and used in many homes to cut energy costs. CFL lights are being found in more indoor gardens and grow rooms due to the leaps in technology that has allowed compact fluorescentlight bulbs to emit more light, using less energy and at lower cost.

LED Grow Lights are used to only by found in electronic displays, but now are used in flashlights, decorative lights, landscape lighting, and now for indoor gardening. LED Grow Lights are super efficient and produce practically no heat. This lighting is great for indoor grow spaces that are too small to handle the heat that HID plant lights give off. You can  purchased LEDs in a variety of colors, however for plant light requirements, the red and blue bulbs are the most common. For this reason it is widely believed that LED lights give off more usable light. An LED light can last up to 70,000 hours or over 8 years compared to fluorescent grow lights that are effective for 8,000 hours or almost a year. Even though the upfront acquisition cost of these lights are higher than fluorescent, the energy efficiency and bulb lifespan make LED lighting the most inexpensive grow lights to use.

Choosing The Best Light For Growing Plants Indoors
Choosing the right grow light is an important piece of the indoor garden puzzle. There is no one true answer for knowing which grow light is best. The best grow light is the light that works best for your grow area and type of plant you are growing.  It is wise to first figure out which plants you will be growing, then determine how much and what type of light should be used. Growing plants, flowers and big buds indoors is fun and rewarding. With a little bit of research any plant that grows outdoors can thrive indoors under the right conditions. Just remember to provide the atmosphere that your specific plants get in theor natural habitat.

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Grow Marijuana

Please take note that this article is intended for educational purposes only. You should not grow marijuana if it is illegal to do so in your country.

Marijuana or Cannabis refers to various types of preparations of Cannabis plants intended for various uses, which includes medicinal purposes. The word marijuana has been derived from mariguana in Mexican Spanish. According to a report by United Nations, Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance across the world. Use of marijuana has been suggested to have taken place as long as third millennium B.C. In the current times, it is used for religious, recreational, spiritual, as well as medicinal purposes. As it is, the possession, sale or use of marijuana preparations consisting of psychoactive cannabinoids was banned in most countries across the globe in early 20th century.

In case you are resident of a country, where Marijuana is not a banned substance, then you may also Grow Marijuana as well. However, when it comes to Grow Marijuana, there are a number of aspects, which you need to consider.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you wish to grow it indoors or outdoors. In most of the times, people prefer to grow it indoors. This is because growing marijuana indoors has a number of advantages. First of all, you can be assured that no one picks up plants from your garden. Secondly, you can control the amount of water, light and other aspects, which play a vital role in the growth of the plant. Apart from these there are several advantages of growing marijuana indoors.

While growing marijuana indoors, there are a number of aspects, which need to be considered. First of all, at least 8 hours of light must be provided to the plant everyday. Once you increase the amount of light, the plants tend to grow faster. As a matter of fact, 16 hours of light a day is suggested to work best for the plants. As it is, the female plants are the ones that are sought after. In order to increase the number of females, the best thing to do, is to disrupt the night cycle through one hour of light. Apart from that, you should also see to it that the walls of the room must be painted in white or are covered with Aluminium foil for reflecting the light. The lights that you use can led grow lights.

Moreover, the plants must be planted at least 3 feet apart. This is important, because, if you stack them too close, then it will lead to stunted plants. These plants require some water during the growing seasons, but not too much, as too much of water would rot the roots of the plant.

So, now that you know, how to Grow marijuana, its time to get going.

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Grow your favorite crops indoors with LED grow lights

LED growing lights are essentially lamps that are used for growing plants without requiring sunlight. These LED plant lights run on electricity and send out electromagnetic spectrum. This sets off the process of photosynthesis, something similar to the sun’s process but in an artificial way.

LED for plants are increasingly used by small time growers who grow plants in their home yards as well as business-oriented agricultural growers. With these lights, it becomes exceptionally easy to prolong the crop growing season ahead of what the nature allows for. Marijuana grow lights became popular in an infamous manner when their name first popped up for growing marijuana. However, today grow LED lights are predominantly used to grow legal and safe crops indoors.

The LED grow lamp is a unique kind of growing lamp. With the advancements in technology and new inventions flooding the market every year, grow light industry is thriving and grows at a rapid pace. The LED lights are the most popular inventions of the grow light industry. The manufacturing process for these lights does not require huge investments and they are produced in an easy way.

The best LED grow lights are those that are quite luminous and last for an incredibly long time. Such lights emit a brightness that uses the unique type of light required by chlorophyll to attain maximum absorption rate.   There are several benefits of using grow LED lights. First and foremost, they make use of less electrical consumption as opposed to incandescent bulbs. These lights do not require ballasts for effective functioning. These lights only produce a miniscule heat amount which is otherwise created by the obsolete HID lamps.

LED plant lights can be easily purchased from the local store and the installation procedure is also quite hassle-free. The grow lights market is vast and these lights can be procured at a cheap price. If you are serious about growing food indoors, then these grow lights are the best option for you. Even if you do not want to travel all the way to the home improvement store, you can also buy them online at a reduced price. Before you install these lights, make sure that you go through the instructional manual thoroughly to prevent any unavoidable accidents. Having the lights installed correctly, you are not far behind to grow an indoor food garden, fed by grow LED lights. Apart from growing edible crops, agriculture owners also use these lights to grow algae indoors, which find application in production of bio-fuel

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Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics is and advanced cultivation method where variety of plants are grown with the help of water only. Water contains all the minerals and nutrients needed for a plants growth and hydroponics helps to serve those minerals and nutrients to the plants in a uniform manner. Even though looks very advanced, it dates back to the hanging garden of Babylon’s where hydroponics method was used to grow the plants. The research world is also thrilled about the application of hydroponics cultivation, NASA testing several types of hydroponic methods in their lab shows the importance of this cultivation method and the role it is going to play in the future of plant cultivation.

Hydroponics is becoming more popular because of the reasons below.

Creating a hydroponic infra structure is not that costly anymore. All one needs is a hydroponic tent and few hydroponic lights with the knowledge of the minerals and nutrient combination in the water to supplied to the plants.

Hydroponics method can be followed literally in any part of the world (erecting the hydroponic tents and installing the lights can be done literally within hours) as there is no need of soil to grow the plants.

Yield by the plants are comparatively higher to the traditional methods and the yield happens faster than the traditional methods.

One needs to do very less manual labor to grow the plants while traditional method needs lots of manual labor.

Problems like soil erosion are non existent.

Farmers have better control over the growth of plants as they know the exact nutrients and minerals being supplied to them.

The density of planting can be very high when compared to normal methods as water is available all year around.

Transplanting shock for the seedlings is highly reduced as the seedlings are grown in blocks that can be easily transferred to the main cultivation area without a hitch.

A decade back, one of the big disadvantages of hydroponics cultivation method is that it needed lot of initial investment. Now, with vast technological advancements, the materials needed for making grow tents and hydroponic led lights are much cheaper, thanks to globalization and quick shipping methods of our present decade.

However, one needs to have high knowledge about the nutrients, minerals, types of plants and much more to master the hydroponics method. Hydroponics is more a science than just a mere cultivation method. However, pioneers of hydroponic cultivation are now coming up with lots of help articles and useful guide books that is very easy to follow. With internet spreading it wings throughout the world, hydroponic farmers are able to discuss their issues and get help on a daily basis, which makes their life much easier than before, the availability of lots of mobile applications and mobile internet is also proving to be a big plus as it helps the hydroponic farmers to keep track of their plants even on the move.With soil becoming unfit for cultivation in many parts of world due to excess amounts of fertilizer usage, people in remote parts of the world are seriously considering hydroponics as a viable alternative to cultivate plants throughout the year.

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Led Grow Lights – How led grow lights now rival HPS

Not so long ago led grow lights arrived on the market, low yields and small fruits were the cry from the general growing community but nowadays the humble led grow light has started a growing renaissance with large yields and large fruits easily achievable.

The new led grow lights on the market now offer comparable results to High Pressure Sodium lighting but at a fraction of the running costs of Sodium , so how has led grow light technology evolved to now provide a led grow light to rival Hps in both terms of yield and fruit size. The development of high power led diodes and advanced heat dissipation systems now allow the led diodes to run at higher voltages than ever before, the newest led grow lights now come fitted with either double optical lens or triple optical lens which both intensify the light and also provide the perfect light dispersion pattern suitable for explosive growth in both vegetative and bloom cycles of plant growth.

These new led grow lights now have the power to rival the light output of Hps however the introduction of specialised wavelengths and ratios combined with the high power led diodes are what makes the new led grow lights so effective. The first grow lights came with a limited spectrum namely Blue, Red and occasionally Orange, the new wavelengths and ratios available now cover the entire spectrum and include Ultra Violet, Blue, Red, Green,Yellow,Orange, Infra Red, 2700K-7000K white.

These range of wavelengths can now be tuned into very specific ratios to provide increased yields and large fruits, the ability to tailor the individual wavelengths in the ratios allow complete control over the grow lights performance which enables the new led grow lights to be tailored exactly to the growers requirements such as higher yield or increased flavour etc.

These two important areas of the led grow light have transformed the led grow light industry, further improvements in led diode wavelength tuning and optical lens technology will provide very fine tolerances in the led wavelengths. The led diodes used in high quality led grow lights are typically tuned to within 5nm(nanometres) and whilst these provide exceptional results in the future it will be possible to tune the led diodes to the plants exact light reactive points requirements. Lens technology is still in its infancy however already there are double and triple lens available, this area of technology can only improve as time passes however the improvements to be gained are potentially huge.

The humble led grow light is now here to stay and with the further advancements in led technology due over the next few years the future for led grow lights is very bright indeed, High Pressure Sodium lighting has dominated the grow light market for many years however the crown is now slipping and led grow lights might just find the crown is a perfect fit.

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The Importance of Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium is a great addition in any home with a lovely décor. However, most people shy away from getting beautiful fish tanks due to the challenge of maintaining them. Aquarium maintenance is not hard as long as you have the right aquarium accessories. However, maintenance is very important for the wellbeing of the fish and the living plants inside the fish tank.

For starters, good water quality is part of critical maintenance. The most common and easy method of maintaining clean water is by using aquarium filters instead of cleaning it manually. Filtration can take place in three forms, that is, chemical filtration, mechanical filtration and biological filtration. After filtration, use UV sterilizers to eliminate bacteria and algae that may be found inside the water. UV sterilizers are great bacteria eradicators in the fish tank since they target specific microorganisms that cause diseases. UV sterilizers can be hung on the walls of the fish tank or housed in the filter depending on the configuration. These sterilizers are a great asset in boosting the clarity, cleanliness and health of your fish tank without draining your budget and damaging the living organisms in the fish tank. Furthermore, sterilizers help to keep the fish tank pollution free.

Another important factor when it comes to maintenance is aquarium lighting. Poor lighting inside the fish tank can increase stress levels in fish causing their immune system to weaken. To avoid this, you must select the best aquarium LED lighting for your fish tank. When choosing aquarium LED lighting, you must consider the type of fish, size of tank, and flow rate.

Also remember that providing consistent LED aquarium lighting is important, as it prevents fish from getting stressed due to drastic changes in lighting. In fact, you can mount a timer on the tank and set a certain interval to switch lights on and off on a daily basis. Additionally, replacement of the bulbs is important at least once every year since the lights grow dimmer over the years.

Still on the importance of maintaining the fish tank, it is critical to keep a constant water temperature. Aquarium heaters are the best accessories for this job. Aquarium heaters help to adjust temperatures in such a way that the fish will not feel uncomfortable due to drastic temperature changes. As you choose the right aquarium heaters, bear in mind that whenever you are doing water replacement, you should adjust this heater to room temperature to prevent drastic changes when the clean water is placed.

It is also important to use aquarium pumps to take care of the fish in your tank. These pumps allow fish to get regular oxygen supply for them to stay alive. Additionally, aquarium test kits are a great accessory that ensures the right pH and nutrient levels of the surrounding water is maintained. In conclusion, salt-waterfish tanks must be maintained well if they are to serve their purpose. In other words, through proper maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful natural scene that adds value and style to your home even years from now.

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Get A Head Start In The Garden By Growing Plants Under Grow Lights

In lean times, people have looked to ways to provide for their families, and one of those ways was through growing some of their own food. The “Victory Garden” came into being during World War II and times of food rationing. Today many people are looking for easy ways to grow delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, and this can be done through indoor gardening.

There are gardening methods, such as hydroponics, which require no soil at all in order to grow wonderful foods, as well as aeroponics, which allows plants to grow in the air. With any of these indoor gardening systems, you will need appropriate grow lights in order for the plants to grow and thrive. Plants need light in order to perform photosynthesis, whereby the plant converts light to energy for itself.

This energy is what causes the plant to grow, mature and reproduce. The key to good photosynthesis in indoor gardening situations is having ample grow lights available to all plants. Without grow bulbs, growing plants will struggle to reach the little light available, and will grow spindly and weak stems, if they grow at all. There are many different types of grow lights available, and what you will use depends on the kinds of plants you are growing, in which stage of growth they are, and your budget. Young seedlings require grow lights that are in the blue temperature range, which helps the little plants to grow. Mature plants that you wish to flower and set fruit require grow bulbs in the red and orange light spectrum. You also need very bright light for indoor gardening, because you are trying to imitate natural sunlight. Many gardeners choose LED grow lights for indoor growing.

LED grow lights are easily suited to any color spectrum you need. These powerful grow lights also produce much less heat than standard grow bulbs, eliminating the need for fans and cooling systems.

LED grow lights also consume less electricity than non-LED grow lights do, saving you money over time in energy costs. LED grow lights are also much lighter in weight than standard lighting fixtures, which makes them easier to hang over your plants, and they do not require extra equipment such as ballasts in order to operate properly. You can learn more about LED grow Lights, website: www.growledlight.co.uk

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