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3W vs 1W LED Advantage

3W VS 1W LED Comparative Advantage

For example: UFO LED Light.

1.New  UFO LED Light, better quality.


New UFO LED Light: Much brighter, more reliable, NO glue, very few screw (only 3 PCS), easy for repairing. Bigger LED chips can handle floating current.

Old UFO LED Light: 90pcs of 1w leds source, very more screw.

2. New UFO LED Light has better workmanship.

New UFO LED Light: LEDs be welded on the aluminium panel, less welding points and very few screw, it is very convenient for the departing and assembling. Reduce the risk of electricity leakage.

Old UFO LED Light: 1w leds be welded on the PCB with 90 screws, that is complicated for repairing and cost more.

3. New UFO add the insulating tap for security of leakage current.

New UFO LED Light: With insulating tape.

Old UFO LED Light: Without insulating tape.

4. New UFO use the better workmanship for the power wires connection.

New UFO LED Light: Use connector plug, it’s easy for repairing and also more security.

Old UFO LED Light: It’s easy to loosen the wires and not convenience for the end use repairing.

5. New UFO has clean and better design structure inside.

New UFO LED Light: USE the steel striple to securing the power-supply, it is more stable and safer than the OLD UFO that use glue.

New UFO LED Light: Use one bigger fan with 3500rpm, better cooling system and saving cost. And the inside of lamp has enough space for heat dissipation. The temperature is just 49°C inside, the outer is 32°C.

Old UFO LED Light: Use three small fans with 2500rpm. Small space inside of lamp that the heat can not dissipate in time. The inside temperature is over 55°C.

6. New UFO has much brighter, better penetration and less dead diodes.

New UFO LED Light: More space for high current, brighter, more penetration, cover larger area, emit light more evenly, great for all kinds of plants growth..

Old UFO LED Light: It’s easy to loosen the wires and not convenience for the end use repairing.

7. New UFO has no any glue inside of the lamp, different parts are connected by connector, very few screw. It is very convenient for the departing and assembling, even end user can repair it with our providing screwdriver and soldering tool. There is no need to send back, we will prepare the repair manual for you.

8. If you like better LED, like CREE, it is also ok for this structure.

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